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Hotel Villa Monte Places of Interest

Places of Interest
Cirali, where VILLA MONTE is located is a perfect environment for painting, photography, picnics, reading, bird watching, nature trails, mountain hikes, river walks, mountain biking and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Çıralı Beach, 3 minutes by walk from Villa Monte, is so magical that you may just like to hang out and relax...It is a nesting place for the Caretta Caretta's.
Olympos Beach and the ancient city can be reached by a scenic 10-minute walk from Cirali Beach. It is flanked by pink oleander flowers, and by ruins hidden in the jungle of bushes and trees.
Chimaera (Yanartaş), 3 kilometers from Villa Monte, is famous because of the eternal flames of natural gas. There may be seen archaeological ruins also. It is more attractive to visit the place in the evening time.
Porto Ceneviz, a hidden heaven where you cannot reach by any vehicle on the wheels but with a small nice boat which will sail just from the beach.
Phaselis, the ancient city, 20 km. from our Cirali, has the most impressive archeological ruins of the territory. Pine trees, a glorious beach and ruins, for today's Cleopatra's...

Daily Trips
Arykanda - Lymra
Kekova - Simena - Myra
Termessos - Antalya - Museum

Guided Trekking Tours
Çıralı - Yanartaş - Ulupınar
Tekirova - Çıralı
Adrasan - Musa Dağı - Olympos
Karaöz - Gelidonya - Adrasan

Jeep Safari
Bird watching
Rock climbing
Scuba diving


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